Well Services

At Islandstar Engineering Limited we pride ourselves on our flexible and innovative approach which enables us render efficient fabrication services to our clients. Since inception, Islandstar Engineering is a full-service fabricator and installer. Our expertise covers a wide range in both steel and concrete, designs, procurement, logistics management, all onsite fabrications, a full range of support services -process piping, pressure piping, fabrication for the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, commercial, and other industries. Our fabricators have a diversified background that can meet your custom fabrication to the required international standards and codes.

We are also specialised in;

  • Custom Fabrication
  • Fabrication of pressure test stamp
  • Offshore flow head
  • Offshore flowline
  • Conductor pipe and accessories
  • Pipeline fabrications.
  • Xmas tree and bop test stump
  • Riser spool
  • Fabrication of specialist tools for drilling and completions
  • Fabrications of crossovers couplings
  • Fabrication of blast joint
  • Fabrication of pup joints of all lengths
  • Fabrication of flow couplings
  • Fabrication of nipples
  • Fabrications of detachable gantry
  • Welding of casing-on-casing head housing
  • Fabrication of split type base plate landing ring
  • Fabrication of large-scale piping and pipelines for portable water/fire hydrant water system- GPE or CS pipes, HDPE
  • Cargo carrying unit, tanks and toolboxes.

Well Intervention services

We offer comprehensive range of well intervention services designed to optimise the performance and productivity of your wells. Our teams of experts utilize advanced techniques and state of the art equipment to deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet specific needs. We carryout services such as:
* Wireline Services- Production Logging, Slickline Services
*Coiled Tubing Services- Nitrogen Services, Milling Services
* Snubbing Services – Work over operations
*Hydraulic Workover – Rig less well intervention, Tubing and Completion well repair
* Thorough-Tubing Services-Milling and clean out, perforating services.
Whether it is enhancing production, maximizing recovery or extending the life of your wells, we have the expertise and resources to meet your intervention needs.


Well Cementing

We specialize in providing comprehensive well cementing services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team of experienced professionals ensures efficient and reliable cementing solutions for various well types: Oils Wells, Gas Wells, Geothermal Wells. With a commitment to safety and environmental stewardship, we deliver superior results on time and within budget. We carry out primary cementing, Remedial cementing, Casing cementing, squeeze cementing, plug and abandonment services amongst others.


Well Stimulation

With a proven track record of excellence in the oil and gas industry, Islandstar is a seasoned Well Stimulation Specialist dedicated to maximizing Well productivity and efficiency. Our expertise covers a wide range of well stimulation techniques including hydraulic fracturing, acidizing and matrix simulation. We are also skilled in designing and executing customized stimulation programs, conducting thorough analysis to identify opportunities for improvement and implement cost effective solutions.


Well Supervision

Islandstar Engineering specializes in providing top-tier well supervision services to the oil and gas industry. With a focus on safety, efficiency and productivity we ensure that every aspect of your well operations are meticulously managed and executed. Our supervisions span across drilling services, well completions workover and intervention services, well stimulation services.

Filtration Services

We are one of the leading service providers in the filtration business. We proffer outstanding Filtration Services to our esteemed clients. In addition to this, . However, we do not compromise with our quality standards under any circumstances.

Filtration is important and its importance can’t be over-emphasized as its purpose is to prevent the formation of down-hole contamination. These contaminations are detrimental to the production life of the well as it tends to shorten the productive life of the well. Contamination can occur during many stages of the well completions process.

We carry out effective displacement and clean-out of drilling mud and particles from the well and use of non-damaging, solid-free completion fluids to rid the wellbore of contaminants and residues and prevent particles from blocking pores in the formation, is key to successful well completion and long-term productivity.

Islandstar Engineering in collaboration with our technical Partners has multiple state of the art sets of equipment, materials and professional expertise to achieve 0-100 NTU turbidity (<5microns) brine filtration and mechanical wellbore cleaning.

Our experienced team can customize the right filtration package to meet our customers specifications.

Well Bore Cleanup Services

Islandstar Engineering Limited is a provider of wellbore cleanup services to the oil and gas industry. We specialize in delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions to ensure the optimal performance of oil and gas wells.

Our well bore services are designed to remove debris, drilling fluids and other obstructions from well bore enhancing productivity and extending the life of the well.

We offer a unique combination of industry-leading technologies and experienced people. Backed by a complete portfolio of  mechanical, chemical, and filtration-based technologies, we offer comprehensive wellbore cleaning services for the complete life cycle of any well. Our suite of technologies removes all well residue, leaving a clean, solids-free, and completion-ready wellbore.

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